September 03, 2006

Tony's distopia

When Tony's idea for state Podding Hutchs as a way to control the Epsilons broke I decided not to write since everything that needed to be said had been, and I was too incandescent at the gall of the smug fascist to construct a proper argument again the authoritarian cunt.

One of Princess Toni's arguments for the need for asbo's for fetuses was that they could grow up to be anti-social, no need of cause to wait to see how they actually grow up, and so state intervention could pre-emptively rehabilitate them. So this piece in The Times is instructive as to want would actually happen should the Dear Leader get his way.
[of children under state care] only about 6 per cent can expect to achieve the benchmark of five GCSEs at grades A* to C that will provide them with a gateway to further education when they get their results tomorrow. This compares with 56 per cent for all other children.

As in previous years, only 1 per cent of children in care can expect to go to university this year, compared with 37 per cent of all young people.
A poor education does disproportionately lead to a life of crime, since if you have had a poor education you do not have the skills to get a legitimate job. What Tony is proposing would therefore mean is the State breaking up families where the children could end up anti-social and drain on society, and so the State can guarantee that they do.


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